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Borrador ISO 45001

Borrador ISO 45001

iso 45001, ohsas 18001, sistemas de gestión de seguridad y salud
Ya puedes acceder al primer borrador de la ISO 45001, que establece los requisitos para los sistemas de gestión de salud y seguridad en el trabajo y que sustituirá a la OHSAS 18001 y que  ha llegado ahora a la etapa de Proyecto de Comité.


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1 Organizational structure and responsibilities for the technical work
1.1 Role of the technical management board
1.2 Advisory groups to the technical management board
1.3 Joint technical work
1.4 Role of the Chief Executive Officer
1.5 Establishment of technical committees
1.6 Establishment of subcommittees
1.7 Participation in the work of technical committees and subcommittees
1.8 Chairs of technical committees and subcommittees
1.9 Secretariats of technical committees and subcommittees
1.10 Project committees
1.11 Editing committees
1.12 Working groups
1.13 Groups having advisory functions within a committee
1.14 Ad hoc groups
1.15 Liaison between technical committees
1.16 Liaison between ISO and IEC
1.17 Liaison with other organizations
2 Development of International Standards
2.1 The project approach
2.2 Preliminary stage
2.3 Proposal stage
2.4 Preparatory stage
2.5 Committee stage
2.6 Enquiry stage
2.7 Approval stage
2.8 Publication stage
2.9 Maintenance of deliverables
2.10 Technical corrigenda and amendments
2.11 Maintenance agencies
2.12 Registration authorities
2.13 Copyright
2.14 Reference to patented items (see also Annex I)
3 Development of other deliverables
3.1 Technical Specifications
3.2 Publicly Available Specifications (PAS)
3.3 Technical Reports
4 Meetings
4.1 General
4.2 Procedure for calling a meeting
4.3 Languages at meetings
4.4 Cancellation of meetings
4.5 Distribution of documents
5 Appeals
5.1 General
5.2 Appeal against a subcommittee decision
5.3 Appeal against a technical committee decision
5.4 Appeal against a technical management board decision
5.5 Progress of work during an appeal process
Annex A (normative) Guides
Annex B (normative) ISO/IEC procedures for liaison and work allocation
Annex C (normative) Justification of proposals for the establishment of standards
Annex D (normative) Resources of secretariats and qualifications of secretaries
Annex E (normative) General policy on the use of languages
Annex F (normative) Options for development of a project
Annex G (normative) Maintenance agencies
Annex H (normative) Registration authorities
Annex I (normative) Guideline for Implementation of the Common Patent Policy for ITU-T/ITU-R/ISO/IEC
Annex J (normative) Formulating scopes of technical committees and subcommittees
Annex K (normative) Project committees
Annex SA (normative) ISO Code of Conduct
Annex SB (normative) Document distribution
Annex SC (normative) Strategic business plans
Annex SD (normative) Matrix presentation of project stages
Annex SE (normative) Numbering of documents
Annex SF (normative) Hosting meetings
Annex SG (normative) Second (and subsequent) language texts for ISO standards
Annex SH (normative) Procedures for the standardization of graphical symbols
Annex SI (normative) Procedure for the development of International Workshop Agreements (IWA)
Annex SJ (normative) Forms
Annex SK (Currently blank — Placeholder for new annexes)
Annex SL (normative) Proposals for management system standards
Annex SM (normative) Global relevance of ISO technical work and publications
Annex SN (Currently blank — Placeholder for new annexes)
Annex SO (informative) Principles for developing ISO and IEC Standards related to or supporting public policy initiatives
Annex SP (normative) Environmental management — Sector, aspect and element policy
Annex SQ (normative) Selection criteria for people leading the technical work
Annex SR (normative) Statements intended to limit the purpose or use of deliverables
Annex SS (normative) Optional use of the Committee Draft (CD) stage — Guidance for committees
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